Retirement Benefit Calculator

The amount of your monthly allowance at retirement will depend upon your tier, membership type, age at retirement, years of service and final average compensation.

Membership Type:
Paying into Social Security?:
Age at Retirement:
Total Years of Service:
Monthly Final Average Compensation (Gross):
Estimated Unmodified Monthly Benefit:

This calculator is designed to work with Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and most other current web browsers. Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft, and is incompatible with the calculator.

When you are within twelve months of retirement, ask SJCERA to provide you an estimate by completing a Request for Estimate form.

For more information on current rules that limits the compensation used to calculate your benefit and the amount of benefit that can be paid to SJCERA retirees, click on the link for your tier:

Tier 1 Compensation and Benefit Limits

Tier 2 Compensation and Benefit Limits

SJCERA's Retirement Benefit Calculator is intended to provide an estimate only. Estimates are based on the information you enter and are non-binding between you and SJCERA. The benefit shown will likely differ from the benefit you receive at retirement.* Your actual retirement allowance, including optional allowances, will be determined by SJCERA in accordance with Federal and State law when you formally apply for retirement.For reciprocal members, please contact your other system(s) for an estimate, or use their online calculator. If there is any inconsistency between the estimate generated by this calculator and the governing law, the law will govern.

*Because the Retirement Benefit Calculator accounts for Social Security integration for General Tier 1 members only, the estimate will be overstated for Safety Tier 1 members who work for the Lathrop-Manteca Rural Fire Protection District.