Johanna Shick, Chief Executive Officer

Johanna joined SJCERA as Chief Executive Officer in January 2017. As CEO, she works closely with the Retirement Board on administrative, financial and investment matters, and is responsible for translating Board policy into action. Prior to coming to SJCERA, Johanna was Assistant Administrator/Chief Benefits Officer for the San Diego County Employees Retirement Association, and held management roles with the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems. She serves on the Board of Directors of the California Association of Public Retirement Systems (CALAPRS) and the San Joaquin County Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee. Johanna holds a Bachelor's degree from Pomona College, a Master's degree from City University, and is a graduate of the Wharton School's Portfolio Concepts and Management, and UC Berkeley's Modern Investment Theory and Practice.

Kathy Herman, Assistant Chief Executive Officer

Kathy joined SJCERA in June 2017. As ACEO, she provides leadership and oversight to SJCERA's Member Services, Finance, and IT teams to ensure efficient, effective, and compliant operations. Prior to coming to SJCERA, Kathy was the Fiscal Services and Operations Manager for the Stanislaus County Employees Retirement Association. Kathy holds a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration from University of Phoenix, and is a graduate of UC Berkeley's Modern Investment Theory and Practice.

Member Services Team

  • Marta Gonzalez, Supervisor
  • Melinda DeOliveira: Retirement and Survivor Benefits
  • Ron Banez: New Member Processing, Active Benefits (Reciprocity, Refunds)
  • Andrea Bonilla: Service Purchases, Estimates, Active Benefits (Reciprocity, Refunds), Disability Retirement
  • Bethany Vavzincak: Active Benefits, Service Purchases, Estimates
  • Vickie Monegas: Active Benefits, Service Purchases, Estimates

Administrative Team

  • Paris Ba, Investment Officer
  • Greg Frank, Management Analyst III
  • Vacant - Communications Officer
  • Kendra Fenner, Administrative Secretary

Finance Team

  • Carmen Murillo, Financial Officer
  • Eve Cavender, Investment Accountant
  • Marissa Smith, Accounting Technician II
  • Mary Chris Johnson: Retiree Payroll
  • Kathleen Goodwin: Retiree Payroll

IT Team

  • Adnan Khan, Information Systems Manager
  • Lolo Garza, IT Systems Analyst II
  • Jordan Regevig, IT Systems Specialist II