Welcome to SJCERA

Welcome to San Joaquin County Employees' Retirement Association (SJCERA). As a permanent full-time employee of San Joaquin County or one of its districts, you automatically become a member of SJCERA, which is the county retirement system and falls under the rules and regulations of the California Retirement Law of 1937.

As a member of SJCERA a retirement contribution is deducted from your biweekly check. This contribution is a percentage of your salary, based upon your retirement plan and tier. This contribution amount is placed into an account and accrues interest every June 30 and December 31 at the current interest rate.

As a member of SJCERA you have the option of buying back previously refunded county service, temporary/contract service, public service, military/merchant marine service and your own medical leave of absence. This purchase of service will add to your total service credit which will increase your retirement benefits.

Member Enrollment

New Member Self-Certification Form

Address Change for Active Members
If you are an active employee working for a SJCERA covered employer, please contact the Human Resources specialist or payroll representative within your agency/department as soon as possible.  Your employer will then contact us electronically to update our files with your new address information.  Do not contact SJCERA directly.